Custom Animal Portraits

I'm opening my books to anyone who would like a custom animal portrait and I'm taking 3 new clients for the month of January.  I probably won't open my books again until spring, act fast! 

Things to know:

  • I charge $25 per hour and they can take anywhere from 7-20 hours to complete, further consultation will help to narrow down a time frame (for example, If you have a short haired animal, you may be on the higher end of the time frame.)
  • Printing cost is additional, shipping is free. I recommend 18x24 which is around $100, printing price does vary based on size and can fluctuate (sometimes I can get discounts). I will provide a detailed size and price list.  These are high end giclee prints on Somerset Museum Rag paper, the quality is unbeatable.
  • I can also provide framing quotes if interested, shipping will be an additional charge if framed, unless if you would like to arrange pick up. 

It is important to have a few good photos of your animal handy. Outdoor pictures capture the best light and detail, instagram photos do lack in quality, so please make sure they are bright, in focus, and capture your animals personality. Derpy faces encouraged! 

Please fill out the form below and I'll get back to you regarding your custom animal portrait.


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